Terms & Conditions

Writing Discussions 

Should be related to websites & programming & servers
Should be written in polite tone 
Shouldn’t be copied and pasted from another website 

Comments & Answers 

Should be related to the post or discussion content
Should be useful and helpful
If there is a referral please mention at the end of the comment that this comment has referral from another website 

If you wrote a comment contains marketing for anything your account might be suspended 

Earnings system

To make sure that your Discussion will be included in our earnings system please follow the rules 

  1. Discussion should be in English
  2. The discussion should be unique (not copied from somewhere)
  3. The title should contain an error name or error description at least or should be a question like How to ….
  4. Should not contain any marketing content
  5. It’s okay to write the discussion & the answer by yourself this might be considered as a bonus

For Best answers 

  1. It should be related to the content of the discussion
  2. If it’s copied from Github or Stackoverflow please mention at the end your answer and add the link of the answer as referral

How much do we pay for the Discussion or the Answer?

  1. it will depend on the quality of the answer or discussion
  2. how far is this content unique
  3. the length of the content

Please note that poor quality posts or discussions might not be included in our earnings system or it can be down to 1$

Money withdrawal

We allow you to withdraw your earnings when you got 10$ in the approved earnings and we provide 2 payments method

  1. Paypal (minimum 10$)
  2. Payoneer (minimum 50$)
  3. USDT Crypto Currency (SOON) (minimum 20$)

To approve pending money it takes between 2 : 24 Hours 
To Execute the transaction of payment takes 1 to 3 business days 
Please note that you will be notified by your email when the status of the money being changed or the status of request payment 

In case of system disabled for maintenance
We will allow you to withdraw approved money when its value pass 5$

If you are facing any problem please do not hastate to contact us or report any technical issues 
Thank you for reading

Last update 7/Feb/2022

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