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Published in : 2022-02-18

How to update the props property of type array after filtering in one functionnal component

React js

Hello I need to filter props.arrayData with filtering in one functionnal component

export function BurnSegments({ arrayData }) {

 function handleChange(event) {

        this.setState({ arrayData : arrayData .filter(b => b.key === });



But setState is undefined, so what is the proper way of changing arrayData in the props?







nico Date : 2022-02-18

Best answers


Best answers


I made it work by using the useState of the functional component as we can't update props.

with the steps:


  • create a State with useState in the functional component called statearrayData (to distinct it from the props called arrayData)
  • in the useEffect : update the state with the props arrayData by using setStatearrayData ==> triggered on the first render and when redux state is updated
  • in the handleChange we also use setStatearrayData ==> we can filter the props and update the component state

By the way I used redux here

export function Sample({ arrayData}) {

    const [statearrayData , setStatearrayData ] = useState([]);
     useEffect(() => {

       // we update here the state with the prop
        setStatearrayData (arrayData);

    }, [arrayData]);

    function handleChange(event) {

		setStatearrayData(arrayData.filter(b => b.key ===;


function mapStateToProps(state) {
    return {
        arrayData: state.arrayData

function mapDispatchToProps(dispatch) {

export default connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(Sample);

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