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Mohamed Aboelfotoh
Published in : 2022-02-13

How to get audio input and audio output as one stream?


I'm familiar with the MediaStream Recording API, however after doing some research, I'm not sure if I can use it to collect both input and output in JavaScript applications.

Basically, I'd like to record both my microphone and the audio that I get (basically the audio which comes from the other user mic).

Any assistance in pointing me in the correct path would be greatly appreciated!


Shilpa Date : 2022-02-26

Best answers


Best answers


You may do it by the following code, (Using MediaStream Recording API approach)

var audioContext = new AudioContext();
var mediaStreamDest = new MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode(audioContext);
document.querySelectorAll("audio").forEach((e) => {
  var mediaElementSource = new MediaElementAudioSourceNode(audioContext, { mediaElement: e });

The above line, given in the console log will get the first audio track from your MediaStream. 


After that, it will mix up audio streams into one stream.


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