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12 Feb 2022

Minimising or eliminating the initial pause while navigating a webpage with the arrow keys


When I push and hold the down arrow key in order to scroll a website, it scrolls a little and then pauses for a second before continuing to glide smoothly.

 I'm curious if there is a solution or an option that can be used to remove the first pause

The problem affects all browsers on both Windows and Mac. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Mohamed Aboelfotoh

12 Feb 2022

Best Answer

best answer


Of course there is a way to decrease that pause in the windows control panel.

You should first understand that the delay is a property that comes from the windows keyboard settings, not the browser itself. So you should modify it from the windows keyboard settings.

  1. Go to the classical windows control panel.
  2. Type keyboard in the search box.
  3. Click on the Keyboard option.
  4. You can change the delay by manipulating the Repeat delay option. 

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