Mohamed Aboelfotoh

10 Feb 2022

A Site Kit WordPress plugin bug.


I want to activate Google Adsense WordPress plugin (Site Kit) to add the codes in multiple places at once. The problem is that I have caching done by WP Rocket plugin, and every time I try to activate Site Kit it tells me that I must deactivate any caching. When I deactivate WP Rocket the problem doesn't solve!

Other plugins I have on the site:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Webpusher Push Notifications 
  • EWWW Image Optimizer 
  • AMP
  • Redirection 


Mohamed Atef

10 Feb 2022

Best Answer

best answer

I think you should deactivate WP Rocket to avoid any conflict between plugins then you can optimize your site using CDN like // and you can disable caching of the NitroPack plugin and depend only on Google Adsense WordPress plugin (Site Kit) or the CDN 
Good Luck

Mohamed Aboelfotoh

10 Feb 2022


Many many thanks. I will follow these steps and give you the feedback bro!

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