Mohamed Aboelfotoh

8 Feb 2022

Is OOCSS still a good CSS architecture in 2022?


Hello everybody,

lately I was searching for the best CSS architecture approach as my projects started to grow bigger. I found an approach called (Object Oriented CSS). I read a little bit about it and found it so useful. The only thing that kept me searching not applying is that it was invented in 2013. I am afraid it turns out that it is outdated, or there is a better one out  there. Can anyone elaborate about this topic?  


Mohammed Bal'awi

9 Feb 2022

Best Answer

best answer

In my opinion OOCSS is a good thing to know and use specially in big projects like your case, it's like a concepts or a standard instructions you need to flow to get a clean code, it has two main principles:

1 - separate structure and skin

Structure: size and position(margin, padding, width, height, ect)

Skin: the visual properties layout (color, fonts, shadow, ect)

2 - separate struc containers and content 

Container: can be presented by structure class

Content: refers to elements that are nested in other elements


Also you can check other css methodologies 

  • BEM

Hope this was helpful .

Mohamed Aboelfotoh

9 Feb 2022


Many thanks! This is helpful! I appreciate it!

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