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Mohamed Atef
Published in : 2022-01-27

How to get the style of element in jQuery? add it to another


Hello everyone, I am wondering How can I get a style attr of a specific element using jQuery and add it to another div? for example if I have element like 

<div >...</div>

How can I add the same style to another div with class posts-container-custom?


Joseph Morgan Date : 2022-01-27

Best answers


Best answers


Hi Mo, you can achieve what you need using this code to get the style attribute 

var existsStyle = jQuery("div.posts-container").attr('style');console.log(existsStyle);

then you can add the style to the second div using 

jQuery("div.posts-container-custom").attr("style", existsStyle);

so the entire code should looks like 

var existsStyle = jQuery("div.posts-container").attr('style');console.log(existsStyle);jQuery("div.posts-container-custom").attr("style", existsStyle);

Good luck

Mohamed Atef Date : 2022-01-27

Thank you Joseph, this logic makes sense & worked for me 

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