Joseph Morgan

14 Dec 2021

[solved] All assets in laravel storage returns 404


Laravel storage keeps giving me 404 however the file is already there, what should I do? this is my first time working with the Storage class, here is an example of the code which I use

$img_name = time() . '1.' . $img1->getClientOriginalExtension();
Storage::disk('local')->put('/public/images/'.$img_name, $img);
$link = url('/').'/storage/images/'.$file_name;

The image was uploaded successfully but and I can see it in the Finder but what should I do to figure out this issue? 
Thanks in advance


Mohamed Atef

14 Dec 2021

Best Answer

best answer

Hello Joseph, Can you please try to run this command as you mentioned this is the first time to use Storage in your app?

php artisan storage:link

let me know if this works with you, Good luck


Joseph Morgan

14 Dec 2021

Thank you so much, this works fine for me, I really missed this part while I am setting up the Storage

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