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Jo Micheal
Published in : 2022-08-03

API CORS error in Laravel 9x


I am facing a CROS error when i try to access Laravel API using the browser, but it's working fine when I test the API using Postman or Thunder Client, any thoughts How can i avoid CORS error with Laravel?


Mohamed Atef Date : 2022-08-03

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Best answers


You can control CORS configuration from /config/cors.php, it suppose to look like this 

<?phpreturn [ /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Configuration |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Here you may configure your settings for cross-origin resource sharing | or "CORS". This determines what cross-origin operations may execute | in web browsers. You are free to adjust these settings as needed. | | To learn more: // | */ 'paths' => ['api/*', 'sanctum/csrf-cookie'], 'allowed_methods' => ['*'], 'allowed_origins' => ['*'], 'allowed_origins_patterns' => [], 'allowed_headers' => ['*'], 'exposed_headers' => [], 'max_age' => 0, 'supports_credentials' => false,];

Make sure that the value of "allowed_origins" is * so it means Allow all 

Jo Micheal Date : 2022-08-03

Thank you for your help

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