12 May 2022

What is the way to identify hardware configurations for small business application?

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Right now, I am developing a hybrid application using Java, Mysql, and Angular, it belongs to the public domain (consumers can visit the website and make a subscription type), and anyone can signup/login and view or submit information. (Pages are lightly weighted)

I want to load the page within 3 seconds and launch the small business application over the server (Let's say, AMAZON EC2 INSTANCE or NAME CHEAP REGISTRAR),  What if in the future, at a time 75-100 people are accessing the website resources?

I tried a free EC2 tier instance (Linux) with 1GB RAM, but when I log in with 3-5 users from Laptop (2 different browsers), Desktop and Mobile, etc, the server is responding too late. It takes 5-7 seconds at least to respond to the requests.

so my questions are, 

  • How do I identify that I need 2GB/4GB or 8GB Ram for a better user experience? 
  • Should I go with a Windows server?
  • Is there a way to increase or decrease RAM dynamically on the base of concurrent active users?

Any help to my queries will be appreciated!



16 May 2022

Best Answer

best answer

Hello Shilpa,


You should consider using a solution with a Kubernetes cluster :

- you can deploy easily your different components
- you can scale when the load is more important per component for example 2 or 3 instances for Angular
- you can easily monitor the metric : time response with prometheus easy to install in your kubernetes cluster and get alert when metrics dont suit your needs

if you need cheaper than AWS : DigitalOcean for 10$/month could be worth to look at.

I am sure you will reach for your goals more easily :)

Hope it helps you
Kind regards


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