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Yasen Sayed
Published in : 2022-03-06

Undefined Variable problem on Laravel 9.x



I'm trying to get a my title variable from my control page and display it on the about page. I don't think I have a typo but it might me I'm not sure.

Here is my control page code;

class PagesController extends Controller{ public function index(){ $title = 'Welcome to laravel'; return view ('pages.index')->with('title', $title); } public function about(){ $title = 'About us'; return view ('pages.about')->with('title', $title); } public function services(){ $title = 'The services'; return view ('')->with('title', $title); }}

In this page index and services functions works fine but I can't get the about page.

Here is my display pages;


This is Index [email protected]('')@section('content') <h1>{{$title}}</h1> <p>This is the Laravel Application</p> @endsection


This is about [email protected]('')@section('content')<h1>{{$title}}</h1><p>This is the About page</p>@endsection

The error I have is:

Please let me know if my question is not clear.





Eslam Zedan Date : 2022-03-06

Best answers


Best answers


since you are returning just the title therefore there is no need to call any verbs, rather you should directly call the view.

route::view('/about','[email protected]');


pass the parameter by compact.

 return view ('pages.index', compact('title'));


return view ('pages.index', ['title' => $title]);

Yasen Sayed Date : 2022-03-06

Thanks, Worked successfully.

Mohamed Atef Date : 2022-03-06

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Best answers


you can use 

return view ('pages.index', ['title' => $title]);

this is the best way to send the variable to the blade files

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