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Yasen Sayed
Published in : 2022-03-06

How to delete photo from project's public folder before updating data in lumen/laravel?


I am trying to delete a photo from my project's public folder before updating another photo. My code looks like this:


if(File::exist( $employee->avatar)){ //$employee->avatar looks /uploads/avatars/1646546082.jpg and it exist in folder File::delete($employee->avatar); }


This is not working in my case. If I comment on this code then another photo-updated without deleting perfectly. How can I solve the issue!


Rakshit Date : 2022-03-06

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Best answers


If your file is existing to the mentioned directory, try below code, it will work. 

Here, PHP Unlink function will work for you.

$path = public_path()."/<your path to image directory>/".$from_database->image_name;unlink($path);

Try it, It will work for you.

Reference: PHP Unlink function - w3schools.

Eslam Zedan Date : 2022-03-06

Best answers


Best answers


Try unlink function

$path = public_path()."/pictures/".$from_database->image_name;unlink($path);


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