5 Mar 2022

Rename key inside Object {}


I want to rename the key from the object. 

Previously I was using ‘email’ key everywhere in all JSON responses, I want to change the email key to ‘username’. 

obj[ username ] = obj[ email];
delete obj[ email];

Can you please tell me what is the optimized way to do it? I feel low confident while deleting object key in above way!



5 Mar 2022

Best Answer

best answer

Yes, you can change it, try below code.

if (email !== username ) {
 Object.defineProperty(obj, username ,
 Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(obj, email));
 delete obj[email];

Using ‘defineProperty’, you can update your key name easily. 

If you are using > ES6 then you can achieve it with single line approach.

delete Object.assign(obj, {[username]: obj[email] })[email];

Try any of above two solution, it will rename your key name for sure.


5 Mar 2022

delete Object.assign(obj, {[username]: obj[email] })[email];

This approach works, and it is optimized way to achieve my questions.

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