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Jo Micheal
Published in : 2021-04-10

Server error: `GET //` resulted in a `522 Origin Connection Time-out


I cannot create a new Laravel project because of this error, it's attached at the first image it says 

 Server error: `GET //` resulted in a `522 Origin Connection Time-out` response: 522 Origin Connection Time-out 

is there is any way I can figure out this issue?


Mohamed Atef Date : 2021-04-10

Best answers


Best answers


Hi Mr.Micheal Happy to to see you with us here in our forum 
at the beginning I like to say this issue some times happen because of an error in the packages in the composer maybe because of some updates in the PHP version or any other conflict between the PHP version and the version of the composer 
All you need to do is just running these two commands in your project directory 

 composer global remove laravel/installer composer global require laravel/installer

Good Luck!

Jo Micheal Date : 2021-04-10

Amazing it's working! 
Thanks I was about to lose hope 

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