Gulafsan Shaheen

4 Mar 2022

Do animation affect SEO?


I want my website page to be added with mind-blowing animation, but I am concern about whether it will affect the SEO? As SEO is also important for me.

The loading time of the  page needs to be very fast, But I also want to  use animations on init. Does it affect SEO?

Any ideas on how to figure it out?



4 Mar 2022

Best Answer

best answer

I think it should not affect SEO!


Reason: For any search engines, let's say “google bots” - they are reading microdata due to an identical concern. It finds unique content first to index the page.


At some points, Google actually has visibility into JS interaction. 

JS might have some issue with a Search engine is that, when a page doesn't contain any content on the actual page and at that time JS try to fetch content from somewhere else, so one should be doubtful about putting content on pages or articles instead of fetching from anywhere.

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