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Eslam Zedan
Published in : 2022-03-03

How to checkout to new created branch on bitbucket


Somebody pushed a branch called release with git push our repository.

Now I'm trying to check out to  release branch.

I've tried:

git checkout release which does nothing

git checkout origin/release gives * (no branch)

How do I check out a remote Git branch?


Shilpa Date : 2022-03-03

Best answers


Best answers


You can fix the issue by the below command.

git fetch origin 'your_remote_branch':'your_local_branch_name'

This will fetch your remote branch

It will also create a new local branch by name “your_local_branch_name” (if it is not existing)

Here you can track the remote one in it.

– – – – 

To checkout local code, you can use below commands,

git fetchgit checkout -b your_local_branch_name origin/actual_branch_name

It will work for you.

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