1 Mar 2022

How to run wordpress with different themes in main domain and subdomain?


I got one task to add wordpress installation on my main domain (let's say, rubixc*****.com). my Client decided one theme for this website.

They want to use another theme for subdomain (alpha.rubixc*****.com).

Do I need to install a separate installation for subdomain? - If yes, it will be hard to manage all the subdomains (7+ subdomains) and update all the plugins, Updating SSL, testing, and too many deployments, Overall the maintenance costs will be increased!

Is there any solution to overcome this requirement?



5 Mar 2022

Best Answer

best answer

All you need is to set up Multisite Network to your respective domain's root directory.


This is solution for “One wordpress installation for all subdomains using Multisite network”

Install wordpress to your root directory and add below comment at the bottom of  “wp-config.php” file,

/* Enable Multisite using below line */
define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

Open your website and login with your WP User credentials,

After that, You can now head over to Tools > Network Setup page to configure your multisite network.

You can visit wordpress dashboard for all subdomains you want to create. You can individually manage themes plugins pages and posts.

Ref: Visit here for the best guide

Hope, it will work for you.

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