1 Mar 2022

git issue, fatal error: your current branch appears to be broken


Something went wrong while I was doing some action with git as given below,

  • I was working with sub-branch
  • Pushed new commits to the remote branch using git command
  • Changed branch to the main - master branch

When I hit command “git checkout master”, my computer gets an unexpected force shut down twice. (I never tried the same more than that). After that, I turned on PC (Running with Windows 7 since last 5+ years) and was observing files under my master branch, it shows all files marked as new files.

If I hit git log command, it shows below error:

> git log
fatal: your current branch appears to be broken

Is there any way to restore my branch without deleting it?

Ref: Git


Gulafsan Shaheen

1 Mar 2022

Best Answer

best answer

Once I was facing the same error when I renamed the folder and the hash was broken up, I solved it by cloning the repository to a new directory and replacing updated files. I see only it is the safe way.

Alternatively, you can remove “.git\refs\heads\ ”, it will fix your issue, but before removing backup your new files.




1 Mar 2022

I cloned the folder to another directory and merged my 30+ files with it. Now it is working fine. It saved me from heart attack.

I'm afraid to remove .git or related folders.

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