Mahmoud Santos

27 Feb 2022

How select specific tag in jQuery using if else statement?


I would like to click the button and make the value appear in <h3> inside the <div> and according to that value the background-color would change.

For example, when I typed a value (Your number) and clicked on Click Me!, h3 inside the div should show this typed value and the background-color would also change accordingly.

For example, if I typed 33 in Your number and then clicked, the value to appear would be 33 and the color would be orange. Thus:

My code:

<script src="//"></script>
<form name="myform">
 Your number: 
 <input type="text" name="inputbox" id='textBox' value="" />
 <input type="button" name="button" class="member" value="Click me!" />
 <div class='box1' style='background-color:lime;width:33.33%;padding-left:15px;padding-right:15px;'>
 $(function() {

 $('.member').click(function() {
 var answer = $("#textBox").val();
 if (answer <= 20) {
 } else if (answer <= 50) {
 } else {



So I wanted to select the h3 tag and change it with if else statement.


Eslam Zedan

27 Feb 2022

Best Answer

best answer

Please check the solution :

$(document).ready(function() {

 $('.member').click(function() {
 let answer = $("#textBox").val();
 let color;
 if (answer <= 20) {
 color = 'red';
 } else if (answer <= 50) {
 color = 'orange';
 } else {
 color = 'steelblue';


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