26 Feb 2022

Issue with generating Thumbnails for PDF file format.


I am running one client's website on a Plesk server.

WordPress is not generating thumbnails for PDF files while uploading them from the TinyMCE editor or directly from the media manager. 

After searching more deeply, I tried Regerating thumbnails plugins for them, but it fails and still, the issue is not resolved.

I have installed magic, Ghostscript, and ImageMagick with all the latest versions.

Did I have a mismatch to the versions with my WordPress 5.8 website?

I am stuck up with this issue for the last 3 days, can someone get me out of this trouble?



6 Mar 2022

Best Answer

best answer

Try with Ghostscript v8.70, ImageMagick  v6.5.7

Here WordPress was looking in /usr/bin for the Ghostscript executable. 

By default ./configure command (with no args) installed GS to /usr/local/bin location.

After installing GS to path /usr/bin instead, WordPress was finally able to generate PDF thumbnails!


In order to fix the issue hit below commands in a sequence,

Get latest GS 9.19 tar.gz

wget //

Unzip downloaded file,

tar -zxvf ghostscript-9.19.tar.gz

Navigate to the same directory after unzipping,

cd ghostscript-9.19
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

That's it. Hope this helps. 

Ref: with this thread

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