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Published in : 2022-02-25

Static code analysis tools integration with latest Angular version


I have added TSLint and codelyzer plugins to my visual studio code, but using such plugins code quality is upgraded by around 20-30% only. What other tool should I use?

I searched about it and found that Sonarqube is a really good tool to check code coverage, testing, and the number of changed lines for new commits.

Wherever I search deeply, I found the Sonarqube for Java. Are there any ways to connect Sonarqube with my Angular application for checking code quality and code coverage after running test cases using Jasmine-karma frameworks?

Your valuable opinion will be appreciated!


Shilpa Date : 2022-03-06

Best answers


Best answers


Static code analyzer examples are TSLint, Codelyzer, and sonarqube - which are widely used by developers now a days.

You need to install sonarqube to your project, 

npm install sonar-scanner --save-dev

Add your SonarQube property files.

And then run your sonarqube to start analysis using following command

npm run sonar

If it gives you error, add below code to your script array inside package.json file.

"sonar": "sonar-scanner"

You can read full detailed documentation here.

Share your thought if this thread fix your issues/requirements.

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