Jo Micheal

26 Jun 2021

Wordpress update button returns 404 [SOLVED]


Wordpress update button (post.php) return 404 & in ajax if i updated using admin-ajax.php it return 404 too,
I duplicated the website and it works fine on my localhost & on other hosting works fine, I tried to update the permalinks page & I also had disabled all of the plugins and it still returning 404 please HELP! it reached to creating a new installation and still getting the error!!! 

The error especially happen when I add any HTML into the text editor like choosing the alignment of the text or set a custom color or specific HTML tag like H1, H2, H3, etc

Please anyone can help?


Mohamed Atef

26 Jun 2021

Best Answer

best answer

Hey Jo, Welcome back to

You already did everything which might figure out the issue if the issue was from Wordpress so I suggest if you checked the mod_security configuration & you can contact the support of your hosting provider because I believe that this is a server error because of security, because you mentioned that this issue happen especially if there is a lot of HTML inside the page, So please check the security configuration on your server 

Good Luck!


Jo Micheal

26 Jun 2021

Yea this works, when I contacted the support of my hosting and asked them to check the mod_secuirty configurations and told them about the problem, they updated the configuration and how it works fine, Really appreciate your help

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