Mohamed Atef

2 Apr 2021

One effective way to increase your WordPress website speed


Wordpress Speed Issue :( 

Of course all web designers or developers know Wordpress and almost everyone has created a Wordpress website knows the issue of the speed and wonder about the solution of this issue if you make some searches before you will read about Autoptimize & WP Rocket and a lot of other plugins which people say it's gonna make your website faster or better, from my opinion most of the freeways gonna provide you a slight improvement which not much effective, and for me as a Web developer I had made a lot of researches and finally I found an amazing solution which can make you forget about speed issues anymore, this way is working with any type of page builders & themes but also we need to give you a warning that you need to take Database BACKUP before you start.

How to speed up your Wordpress website? 

The answer came in one word “” …. yes, NitroPack is the most effective and clean way which make you able to improve your website speed, 

How to use and install the Nitropack plugin?

All you need to do is just opening their website and click on get started from the menu

They provide a free plan which gives you 1GB of CDN bandwidth for one website ONLY and 5000 page views & their plugin to install it on your site 

as you see in the screenshot above they have 4 plans & the prices of paid plans start from 17.5$ to 146.67$ per month and the free plan which we are talking about and I had tried the paid plans they are amazing the site which I installed the paid Nitropack on it,  got a score of 100 on Desktop & 100 on Mobile (Custom theme with ACF) 

You gonna click on the plan which you want, then fill the form and click the form submit button

then it will take you to the place order page 
as you see the plan is totally FREE

Click place my order & you will be redirected to your dashboard, now you need to connect your website with the Nitropack dashboard using their plugin.

How to connect Nitropack to your Wordpress website?

before you start you need to disable any cache or optimization plugin in your site, 
Now you need to download their plugin from here then go to install plugins from your dashboard like “” then choose the plugin file and click install now like the image below

After this step & the plugin installed successfully, active the plugin and from settings click on Nitropack

Now Click on Connect to Nitropack & login through the window which gonna open 

Now you will be able to see the details of your plan and you will find a little text tells you if the pages still in processing or they are done also there is a slide input to control the optimization mode I prefer to set it to Strong and in the settings make sure that HTML Compression is on & if you like to make your website always optimized & has scheduled new optimizations check the Cache Warmup & Safe mode will make your plugin works on the isolated environment so it prevents the conflict with other plugins

If you made any updates to the site and still cannot see them you can Click on Purge Cache so you can reload the style & js files and also click CTRL + Shift + R

Also, you can check the Automated Behavior section & you can control the post types & pages which should be optimized and the post types which shouldn't be optimized 

If you have any questions I will be pleased to hear from you in the comments below 
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Youssuf Abramo

24 Sep 2021

Amazing article..

I will follow all steps and I will back to give final feedback. 


3 Mar 2022


Nice tutorial! Well explained!


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