Protect your Wordpress login page & hide the URL of the login page, Make your website safer and protect it from spammers

How to protect Wordpress login page?

Written By: Mohamed Atef

Published: 2021-06-29 | Comments: 0 | Category: Wordpress

Make Wordpress safer 

At the beginning I'd like to welcome you to, This article gonna help you to hide & protect your login page, so first thing first, I need you to make sure that you checked our previous post about adding reCAPTCHA to your WordPress login because it's something really important to keep the spammers away 

How to hide your Login page?

In order to hide your login page, you have to use a plugin calledWPS hide Login, So first step is installing the plugin from your Dashboard > Side menu > Plugins > Add new, Like the image below 

Then when you activate the plugin you will find the WPS hide Login into your settings dropdown, Click on it

Then you will see the settings of the plugin & the next step is getting a random URL, 

I am going to use LastPass Password generator, So I can get a random text and use at least 8 letters password

Now I will copy these random 8 letters then add update the login URL in the settings like the image below & hit save changes

Now no one will be able to guess your login URL and it's gonna be safe, please make sure to install reCAPTCHA to your login form & comments form like what we did in our previous post from here

Do not forget to avoid using Nulled themes or plugins & choose a decent hosting provider and avoid free hosting  service because they are really harmful to your website 

That's all, Good bye 


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