Mohamed Aboelfotoh

11 Feb 2022

Do I have to upload the sass files or just the CSS file?


I understand that all the SASS files that I code in a project are compiled into one main CSS file.

I want to know do I need to upload all the files to the project folder in the host, or just the main CSS file?

And If I will upload the CSS file, Do I still need to keep the 2 highlighted lines in the package.json?



Great Coder

12 Feb 2022

Best Answer

best answer

The HTML files will make reference to the CSS file not the SCSS or SASS files. So that's the one, the CSS file I mean, you'll need to put on your hosting.

There's no need to submit any sass files to the server if you're not going to do the compilation on it. And in this case you won't need the script nor the sass dependency lines in the package.json file.

But if you are making a big project with a lot of dependencies you better keep make all the compilation as a one step on the server.

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