Jo Micheal

27 Jan 2022

How to use !important using jQuery css function?


Hello everyone, I am facing an issue when I try to use CSS function using jQuery to set !important the code I am using is 

jQuery("div.shipping_address").css({ "display": 'none !important' });

it adds the display: none; but without the !important What should I do to add it?

Thanks in Advance


Joseph Morgan

27 Jan 2022

Best Answer

best answer

Welcome Back Jo,
Css function in jQuery doesn't support !important so the other way to do this is by adding using .attr like this code below 

jQuery("div.shipping_address").attr("style", "display: none !important;");

this gonna work with you also you can keep main style of the div by storing the attribute value in element then add it to the code above like 

var styleAttr = jQuery("div.shipping_address").attr('style');
jQuery("div.shipping_address").attr("style", styleAttr+"display: none !important;");

Good luck


Jo Micheal

27 Jan 2022

Thank you this is really helpful

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