Jo Micheal

13 Mar 2023

[solved] Version code 1 has already been used React native

React js

Hello everyone, I am getting this error while i am uploading my React Native bundle to Google play 
I am using React Native with Expo cli

Version code 1 has already been used. Try another version code.

What should i do? 


Mohamed Atef

18 Mar 2023


You can fix it from App.json > Android > versionCode and set a new versionCode to your app then run the expo build again and it will work fine hopefully like this 

 "android": {
 "adaptiveIcon": {
 "foregroundImage": "./assets/adaptive-icon.png",
 "backgroundColor": "#FFFFFF"
 "package": "com.maistorinkiniai",
 "versionCode": 2



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