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Published in : 2022-03-11

Chrome shows cursor everywhere where I click?


I am working on angular application, on the UI wherever I click it shows  cursor even if it is button or paragraph or dropdown, any other HTML element. 

What should I add in my code to avoid click issues with server on Chrome browser?

It works with Firefox. It was started since a month when I updated the chrome I think! What is possible solution?


Rakshit Date : 2022-03-14

Best answers


Best answers


You don't have to write any code for this issue, because it's chrome browser's internal functionality made with some good intentions!


Chrome supports highlighting or focusing your cursor pointer where did you click on the page. You can close highlighting by pressing key `F7`, it should not show cursors everywhere on your web pages.

Hope it will fix your issue.

Shilpa Date : 2022-03-14

Yes it worked, thanks for providing information. I didn't think in that way! 

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