11 Mar 2022

How to bind Weekends off to my kendo calendar in Angular?


I am using kendo calendar  datepicker in angular component. Is there any way to disable or hide weekends dates (Saturday & Sunday)?

<kendo-datepicker id="workingDays" [(ngModel)]="workingDay"
 class="m-2 col-12" format="dd MMMM yyyy">

Can I get USA calendar with Kendo library to see the public holidays programmatically? and disable those date from the showing on calendar?

** URGENT **

I need to fix this issue ASAP! Your help is valuable for me.



18 Mar 2022

To disable weekends (Saturday and Sunday) you can use below code.

Add HTML kendo datepicker code:

<kendo-datepicker style="padding:5px;"

Add your .ts code as below,

public disabledWeekendDates = (date: Date): boolean => {
 //date.getDay() will return day for each days rendering on your calendar / datepicker.
 return date.getDay() == 0 || date.getDay() == 6 ? true : false;

Live Demo | Runnable Code

Hope the given information will be helpful for you.


22 Mar 2022


Thanks, for the quick response, stackblitz demo looks good as per my requirements.

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