Yasen Sayed

25 Feb 2022

php difference between two times in hours

PHP & Mysql

Hello guys, anyone can help me to get the difference between the two times in PHP for example:

 "from" => "12:00:00"
 "to" => "20:00:00"

I want the difference between these times in hours.





25 Feb 2022

If you are using 24 hours format you don't need AM or PM annotations at all.


By default 00:00:00 means 12:00 AM of the day. 

In the given example, from timestamp shows time = 12:00:00, it means 12 hours passed, so your time is - 12:00 PM of the day.


To timestamp shows 20:00:00, it means 8:00 PM of the respective day. Max time can be 23:59:59, and after that it will be turned to 00:00:00 (12:00 AM)


You can add number of hours in 12:00:00 PM to count further all hours in 24 hours format if you see the time > 12:00:00.



26 Feb 2022


It shows you are using 24 hours format.

From date shows 12 O'clock of Afternoon

To date shows 8 O'clock of evening!

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