Eslam Zedan

22 Feb 2022

How to Remove the "manage databases" link from the login page?



I want to remove manage databases link from login page as shown in screen print page:

I was going to extend the view and edit it but I found this if condition:

<div class="text-center small mt-4 pt-3 border-top" t-if="not disable_footer">
 <t t-if="not disable_database_manager">
 <a class="border-right pr-2 mr-1" href="/web/database/manager">Manage Databases</a>
 <a href="//;utm_medium=auth" target="_blank">Powered by <span>Odoo</span></a>

so is there any easier way to remove the link


Yasen Sayed

22 Feb 2022


Eslam Zedan

22 Feb 2022

Thank you for your response,

but that's what I was saying in my question I was going to extend the view and edit it but I am looking for an easier way like something I change in my setting to make it work.

Yasen Sayed

22 Feb 2022

The OpenERP files (server, addons, web) should never be edited. You should always prefer to do your modifications in a custom addon.

You can do this change by creating a custom addon and replacing the part of the UI you don't want.

Usual addons are installed on a database basis. Removing the Manage database link is global to an installation, so you'll need to start your server with the name of your module in the --load option.

./openerp-server --load=web,your_module

Your module should also be auto-installable, use the key auto_install in the of your module:

'auto_install': True,

To remove the Manage database, you'll need to create a file static/src/xml/base.xml:

 <!-- Templates modified at the web start, before loading of a database. -->
 <!-- Remove the Manage database link, but keep the Powered by OpenERP-->
 <t t-extend="Login">
 <t t-jquery="div.oe_login_footer" t-operation="replace">
 <div class="oe_login_footer">
 <a href="//" target="_blank">Powered by <span>OpenERP</span></a>

Then you need to load the file in

'qweb' : [

You can edit the logo or other elements interface too. You can refer to the file addons/web/static/src/xml/base.xml in openerp-web to see the base templates.

The templates use the QWeb syntax: QWeb documentation

walid mahmoud

23 Feb 2022

Best Answer

best answer

To remove "Manage databases" link you can add "list_db = False"  inside your Odoo config file (Generally present inside /etc/odoo.conf ).

Or if you are running Odoo through the command line then "-no-database-list" helps to achieve this part, you can use the below command to remove the "Manage Database" link

/opt/odoo/odoo-bin --no-database-list


Eslam Zedan

23 Feb 2022

it works like a magic Thank you

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