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27 Apr 2021

How to add live chat in your Wordpress website?


Best Wordpress Chat box serivce

Welcome back to, There is a lot of ways to add a Chat box or Chat system to your website in this article I am going to show you a lot of ways to add a Chat to your website, and I like to say that adding chat to your website is gonna help you a lot to get in touch with your clients and increase your website sales especially for Commercial websites,

Most popular Chat box service provider 

  1. Intercom (expensive a little bit but easy to use & there is no free demo or installation)
  2. one which we gonna use today, Support paid & free plans)
  3. Landbot (Support free and paid plans & easy to use but doesn't support Wordpress plugin, just code to add in the footer of the website)

1- Add to Wordpress website is one of the most popular services to add a chat box to your custom or Wordpress website, 
First thing first you need to Sign up for free or select one of the paid plans, 

After filling up the form and click submit it, you will be redirected to set up your account within 4 steps 

In the final step, you will get the code which you can add to your website or you can download their plugin for Wordpress,

If you like to add the code manually you can do it easily in one minute by adding the JS code to the footer of your website by editing footer.php file or you can use WP Hook which called wp_footer, I am going to use the Hook because it's more professional for me, now you will go to functions.php from the dashboard > Appearance > Theme Editor > Theme Functions (functions.php) and add this code below at the end of the file

 add_action('wp_footer', function(){
	<!--Start of Script-->
		<!--Copy the code instead of this line-->
	<!--End of Script-->

So it supposes to look like this,

Now you should start seeing the Icon of the chat box at the right bottom of your screen,

2- Install using Wordpress Plugin

You can download the plugin from Here, or you can install it from Wordpress plugins exactly like any other plugin 

Then from settings click

The last step is to Login in using your website to connect it to your account in 

And you can also exclude the Chat Box from the pages as you like,

Thank you for reading my article, let me know if there is any questions in the comments below 


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