Mohamed Atef

8 Apr 2021

How to duplicate or clone Wordpress page ?


How to clone or duplicate Wordpress page?

Duplicate or Copy Wordpress page is too easy there are two different ways you can use to achieve this.

Using Duplicate page plugin

All you need to do is just installing this Wordpress plugin into your dashboard “Duplicate page” when you activate the plugin you will see that there is a new option below the page title in the All pages which ways “Duplicate this” when you click on it, the page will appear like PageName - Draft  all you need to do is updating the status of the page to be published instead of draft 

Using page builder Shortcodes 

If you are using a page builder similar to WPBakery or Visual Composer you will be able to see a button below the input of the page title called Classic Editor you can click on it then click Text, now you can copy this code and add it to any other page in the same way (Classic Mode then click on text then click update or go back to the Backend or Frontend mode ).

How to duplicate Wordpress posts? 

If you used the same way above to duplicate pages you will be able to duplicate or clone the posts in the same way above Exactly, or you can use another plugin called “Duplicate post” and it's gonna work in the same way above,
Good Luck, let me know if you have any questions in comments below 


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