Mohamed Atef

18 Jul 2021

Intel Core I7-8565U for web development


Intel Core I7-8565U with Reactjs, Nodejs, Angular, Laravel, PHP, MEAN, MERN 

Intel Core I7-8565U is one of the popular intel processors for the U class, if you are thinking about buying a new laptop with Core I7-8565U for web development then you are in the right place because I am a web developer and I am going to write my review and my opinion about this processor in web development 

Intel Core I7-8565U with ReacJS 

React js is one of the most frameworks which I used with this processor, especially for big React apps, which contain more than 60 Components in the same application so the start-up time when you run npm start in the terminal of VSCode takes around 1:32 minutes to start this app and use around 20% to 30% of the processor efforts, & will take between 1 second to 4 seconds on each reload when you save the changes, In my opinion, it a good score but the problem is if you end the server and start it's going to take 2 minutes only to make a small update, I wish if it were faster but it does the job well & for the npm run build it takes 1:42 minutes to finish the command, so you need 5 minutes if you discovered an issue or you need to make small update like missing spelling or something like this it would take 5 minutes in total 

Intel Core I7-8565U with Angular8 

I see that it's working better because it launched the app using ng s  in 00:47 seconds which is a great result, and for running ng build --prod it takes 01:28 minutes to get this command done & also as we know that in Angular there is a lot of unused components which is built-in the Angular packages, also the ReactJS contained a lot of packages & a lot of components from my opinion they almost equal 

Intel Core I7-8565U with Laravel 

There is nothing to talk about with laravel & with the new composer version (2.1) at the oldest version which is 1v it was slower but with 2.1v it's become awesome speed the entire app can launch in new seconds almost in 10 Seconds it can run a server of medium size website using php artisan serve 

Intel Core I7-8565U with Wordpress development 

If you are using Wordpress you will know that it's easy to run it on any machine without looking at the requirements

Intel Core I7-8565U with Google chrome 

this processor is doing great with any browser even Google chrome, it's working fine, easy, smooth, without any problem

Verdict - this processor is fine and working well with frontend or backend development 

BUT the only difference is in our usage of the device, some people use laptops without close anything and make a pressure on the laptop & the processor, and the U class is not made for a lot of pressure so if you are that type of person go for Processor from H class or you can use Core I7-8565U but if you are using a 20 tab on google chrome & Reactjs server with a lot of background apps running, it can work great without anything but if you add an app like recording application this might halt (stop or slow down) your machine, especially if your windows is doing an update so it's gonna take a lot of the processor usage and it will slow down your device

Thanks let me know if you have a different opinion 


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